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Aviair Puresense

1.999.000,00 2.250.000,00 saving 251.000,00
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Aviair Puresense

1.999.000,00 2.250.000,00 saving 251.000,00
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Aviair Puresense Special Pack

Aviair PureSense. An electrolysing sanitiser that can be produced in minutes by adding regular salt to tap water. 

The electrolysing process produces hypochlorous acid, proven to be one of the most effective disinfectants.

Aviair PureSense is equipped with an advanced semi-automatic spray nozzle that sprinkles microdroplets on the surfaces to be disinfected making it suitable to use anywhere, including homes, offices, or retail shops.

Aviair pack:

  • 1 Unit Aviair Puresense + 2 Unit Spray Bottle 250ml
  • *Get 1 unit exclusive bag for every purchase of Aviair

How To Use Aviair Sanitizer:

  • Insert tap water, 400 ml
  • 1g of salt
  • Wit for 10 minutes, and Aviair will be ready to use

The Aviair Pure Sense Difference

  • Built to Last

    Designed using the highest grade material and a semi-automatic pump for ease of use.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Once you invest in your Aviair there is no need to purchase anymore disinfectants that are housed in non-recyclable plastic and contain hazardous chemicals.

  • Safe for Children & Pets

    Containing no harmful chemicals or alcohol, your Aviair only creates Hypochlorous acid a naturally occuring element found in white blood cells. Making it harmless to human and animal skin

  • Value for Money Investment

    Your investment in an Aviair sanitisation system will eliminate the need for regular purchases of disinfectant. Conveniently, create safe solutions with ease from your home or business.

Aviair Specifications

Your Aviair Pure Sense is made to exacting standards for your family.

  • Capacity

    Holds 400mls to ensure there is enough safe disinfectant available at all times

  • Material

    Food grade PP/ ABS/ PC/ Silicone

  • Power Supply

    Wireless magnetic induction

  • Dimension

    81 x 81 x 277mm (with base)/ Weight = 360g (with base).